Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go if I don’t feel safe?

In the event of an emergency, dial 911
Georgetown University Police Department, On campus, contact GUPD at 202-687-4343
Georgetown University Health Center, Tel: 202-687-2200
Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Where is OSEI located?

The Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (OSEI) is located on the lower level of the Healey Student Family Center (New South) on Georgetown University’s Main Campus (also referred to as the Hilltop Campus). Address: 3700 O Street N.W. Washington, DC 20057

How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson or the staff of OSEI? 

To schedule an appointment with the AVP, Adanna Johnson, please submit a consultation request form here. Or contact Program Coordinator, Venus Davis at vnd2@georgetown.edu. You can also email osei@georgetown.edu.

How do I get in contact with OSEI?

To get in touch with OSEI’s office, please email us at : osei@georgetown.edu or call us at 202.687.0211

What Department is OSEI housed under?

OSEI is housed under Student Affairs at Georgetown University. 

What is OSEI’s mission/purpose?

The Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (OSEI) serves as a principal leader, resource, and support in providing student development, sponsoring programs and events, and engaging in collaboration related to student diversity, equity, and inclusion at Georgetown University. OSEI helps lead equity and inclusion efforts across the Hilltop campus through: Integration, Collaboration and Consultation.

Why was OSEI established?

OSEI was established in 2019 to increase collaboration and resource sharing for first-generation students and students of color. The Office oversees the  Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA), the Community Scholars Program (CSP), the Disability and Cultural Center, the Women’s Center and the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Who does OSEI partner with? 

OSEI typically partners with other Georgetown affiliated offices whose focus is on diversity, equity and inclusion. We also partner with external academic institutions and organizations whose goals and purpose align with our own.

How can I partner with OSEI for an event?

Please click here to access the collaboration request form.
Or email us at osei@georgetown.edu .

What services does OSEI provide?

Events and Programming

Who are the staff members of OSEI? 

Click here to learn more about OSEI’s current team members.

Dr. Adanna J. Johnson, Associate Vice President
Venus Davis, Program Coordinator
Maya A. Williams, Program Manager

How can I get involved with OSEI’s work?

If you want to get involved with OSEI’s work, please email our office at osei@georgetown.edu . or Call: 202.687.0211
Interested in joining one of OSEI’s councils? Click here for more information.  

Interested in volunteering to work with our Departments? Please contact the following individuals:
CMEA, Charlene Brown-Mckenzie, ccb4@georgetown.edu
CSP, Lex Lewis-Semien, al1801@georgetown.edu
Women’s Center, Annie Selak, Ph.D, as4638@georgetown.edu
LGBTQ Resource Center, Riley Jelenek, rj567@georgetown.edu
Disability Cultural Center, Amy Kenny, Ph.D, amy.kenny@georgetown.edu

How can I incorporate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) into my workplace?

Start by emailing our office at osei@georgetown.edu! Let us know what specific items you wish to discuss and we will set up a consultation appointment. Or, follow this link to fill out a consultation request form. OSEI will soon publish an online resource toolkit where others can pull information to help them to incorporate DEI initiatives into their office(s).

How can I keep up with OSEI’s initiatives?

Follow us on social media! LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter 
Check our website News and Media page 
Review our online calendar here.
Weekly Newsletters from our Programs!

What are the major difference in services provided by IDEAA and OSEI?


  • IDEAA’s portfolio encompasses a broad and  deep set of responsibilities that touches every aspect of campus life and operations as captured in the following areas:
  • Provides service to all campus employees, students and campus affiliates including our campus in Doha, Qatar…
  • Responsible for administering the institutional   framework under which Diversity Equity & inclusion (DEI), Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity in Education and Equal Opportunity in Employment as well as Title IX obligations are implemented on campus. 
  • Coordinates recruitment and hiring procedures for faculty and academic positions.
  • Manages changes in programs, policy and process as it relates to DEI work through university-wide strategic planning.
  • Administers and collaborates with campus partners on the Cultural Climate Survey for all Georgetown students. The survey instrument is designed to measure  the degree to which  students experience a sense of belonging at Georgetown. 
  • Coordinate recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students.  
  • Strengthens linkage between campus and community 
  • Coordinate recruitment and retention of faculty and  staff. 
  • Strengthens linkages between campus and the community.
  • Conducts campus climate assessments of academic and administrative units and makes recommendations to enhance departmental inclusion and equity efforts.
  • Ensures that Georgetown is in compliance with applicable federal and District of Columbia laws and regulations as it relates to affirmative action, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.
  • Participates in working groups created to advance DEI matters in academic and employment spheres.
  • Consults with and provides resources and guidance to  employees,managers and students on  matters related to discrimination and harassment.
  • Assesses  accommodation requests from employees seeking accommodations based upon  disability, religion, or pregnancy.
  • Conducts investigations  of unlawful allegations of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct by members of the university community.
  • Oversees the Bias Reporting System where students, staff, faculty, campus affiliates and visitors can report incidents of bias.
  • Provides educational programming to departments, students and employee organizations designed to raise awareness about affirmative action, equal opportunity, harassment, implicit bias, Title IX and related matters. 
  • Provides guidelines and assesses accommodation requests for service assistance animals.
  • Coordinates supplier diversity programs in contracting opportunities to ensure the participation of minority persons and women.


  • Provides services generally to undergraduate students; servicing first-generation, low-income and underrepresented student populations.  
  • Umbrella office for CMEA, CSP, LGBTQ Resource Center & The Women’s Center: Leverages and balance(s) resources and support for its four programs: CMEA, CSP , The Women’s Center and the LGBTQ Resource Center .
  • Consults with staff, faculty, students, campus administrators and Georgetown affiliates on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion .
  • Consulted (previously, currently in hiatus) with Council on Student Equity and Inclusion Subcommittees: Equity Review, Faculty & Staff Development, Here & Now, Strategic Planning.
  • Hosts events and programming related to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Partners with other Georgetown units and external organizations to collaborate on DEI related affairs.