Collaborate with OSEI

Collaborate with the Office of Student Equity & Inclusion!

Collaboration requests are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Collaboration requests must align with OSEI’s mission and the University’s core value of Diversity and Inclusiveness that foster dialogue and collaboration with constituents around equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • An approved collaboration within a fiscal year does not guarantee collaboration in the next fiscal year.
  •  Availability of funding is limited. Due to the current pandemic, and the universities budget restrictions, OSEI is unable to financially support events until further notice.
  • Please provide our office with your budget-expense sheet (must be itemized; amounts and corresponding items) 
  • *Please note that Georgetown’s spending policy has changed given the current public health pandemic. All funds are disbursed by transfer to a valid campus Cost Center. OSEI will not transfer funds to a non-University account. It is mandatory that GU offices provide work tags /cost center numbers in order to proceed.  If you are an external organization, please contact our office directly for process details ( Under normal circumstances (*see note above) , OSEI provides funding as a one-time transfer of funds. Subsequent funding requires a new request and evaluation.
  • We understand that not all events, project, and/or programs will require funding. If this is the case, please specify this within the request form.
  • OSEI accepts requests at any time during the fiscal year. If a request is approved, OSEI expects to be recognized for its collaborative efforts in all advertising, printed programs, and other related communications about the event. For access to our branding, contact
  • OSEI requests that we are provided detailed information about the event/project/program well in advance so that we may promote it through our communication channels. Our office defines “in advance” as 3-6 or more months for major events, 3 weeks-1 month for small-scale programming .
  • OSEI looks forward to hearing about the success of the program/project/event. Please provide us with a brief summary of the outcome of the program/event within 2-3 weeks following the event. 
  • Disclose, in the form below, what capacity OSEI will be assisting your organization throughout this collaboration process.
  • Not all requests will be approved. OSEI reserves the right to decline collaboration efforts if time, resources, capacity ,etc are limited. If your request is not approved, we will follow up and perhaps offer a resource or connect you with an office who is equipped to meet your needs.
  • Lastly, should the event/program be canceled, OSEI will request for the funds to be returned within 3-4 weeks after receiving cancellation communications.