Office of Student Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Student Equity & Inclusion will oversee the Disability Cultural Center, the Women's Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center the Community Scholars Program and the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access.

The Office of Student Equity & Inclusion (OSEI)


The Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (OSEI) is a next logical evolution in Georgetown’s historic commitment to equity, which began in 1968. It does so in part by connecting academic and social support and brings together two really important streams of equity–socio-economic status and racial/ethnic identity. OSEI was conceived in 2019 to increase collaboration and resource sharing for first-generation students and students of color. It is the umbrella office within the Provost’s Office that houses the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA), Community Scholars Program (CSP), the LGBTQ Resource Center , Disability Cultural Center and the Women’s Center.


The Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (OSEI) serves as a principal leader, resource, and support in providing student development, sponsoring programs and events, and engaging in collaboration related to student diversity, equity, and inclusion at Georgetown University. OSEI helps lead equity and inclusion efforts across the Hilltop campus through: Integration, Collaboration and Consultation.


Georgetown’s community is reflective of a multitude of life experiences and perspectives. The Office of Student Equity and Inclusion seeks to establish and sustain a university-wide culture that embraces and understands diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as essential aspects of Georgetown’s mission and identity. Through strategic efforts, partnerships, innovation, education, transformed policies, and shared responsibility, OSEI will continue to help shape the Georgetown community to one where all individuals feel mutually respected, safe and included. In our efforts to bring this vision to life, we are committed to continually investing in and building our DEI infrastructure overtime, keeping Georgetown’s Jesuit values centered.  

Three Pillars Approach

Georgetown is an institution whose continual pursuit of excellence is shaped by a commitment to diversity and Jesuit values. OSEI, in alignment with these principles, aspires to create a more inclusive and equitable community that affirms the identities of every individual and affords them dignity and respect. OSEI leverages its “whole-institution” approach to equity and inclusion initiatives by focusing on three strategic pillars— integration, collaboration and consultation.


OSEI brings the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, the Community Scholars Program, the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Women’s Center under one umbrella. OSEI also fosters incorporation of diversity, equity and inclusion into all student-facing units across the Hilltop Campus through promoting programming and events related to diversity and inclusion.


OSEI convenes colleagues from student-facing units via the Council on Student Equity and Inclusion. These student affairs staff, academic and advising deans and faculty work together on issues related to equity and inclusion; foster communication about best practices and new initiatives, and promotes synergy across Georgetown’s Hilltop campus.


OSEI provides consultation for leadership colleagues in units across the Hilltop Campus to ensure that they have their own vision for centering diversity, equity, and inclusion work to create a sense of shared responsibility and a deeper connection to the University-wide vision for equity, inclusion, and justice.

Hours of Operation

Open: Monday-Friday | 9:00AM-5:30PM | New South, Lower Level. | Phone: 202.687.0211

We need to ensure that Georgetown’s approach is truly integrated across the campus because it is central to the success of all students and is clear in our Jesuit mission and values.”

–Dr. Adanna J. Johnson, Associate Vice President, OSEI